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plastic since 1958

Manufacturas Politeno S.L. (commercially known as Mapol) is a family business that began operation in May 1958. So we can assure you we were one of the pioneers in manufacturing plastic packaging. Currently, our portfolio of manufactured products includes polyethylene bags of high and low density polyethylene (PEHD and PELD), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). We also manufacture oxo-biodegradable bags, wrap for automatic packaging, film for frozen food, signalling tape, industrial plastic sacks, covers fences and T-shirt-type grocery bags. In terms of bags, we make bags for product packaging, box-liner bags, shopping bags, isothermal bags, advertising bags, bags with die-stamped, reinforced die-stamped or plastic tape handles, as well as bags that are self-sealing, printed (flexography) or unprinted, and fully customised to our customers' needs. We have always striven to maintain four core values: efficiency, honesty, personalised attention and transparency in management.

bolsas de plástico MAPOL

Plastic bags

We are manufacturers, we have a wide range of references printed and unprinted plastic bags for retail, industrial, hospitality, food, etc.
We produce polyethylene plastic bags high and low density (with the option of making them oxo biodegradable), polypropylene and PVC.

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Láminas y bobinas de PP y PE MAPOL

PE-PP Sheeting

We produce coils and sheets of PE and PP for automatic and semiautomatic machines packaging. Variety of widths and gauges to meet any need of packaging. Polyethylene, biaxially oriented and complex for automatic packaging, with or without printing polypropylene. Coils and sheets of polyethylene and polypropylene, with or without printing.

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Bolsas personalizadas MAPOL

Custom plastic bags

We customize any type of plastic bags for sectors such as industry and trade. Advertising bags with various colors and with a variety of sizes and materials.

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Bolsas personalizadas MAPOL

Plastic backpacks

Plastic bags with strap type backpack for events. Possibility of printing with own brand or advertising.

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signalling tape

Signalling tape

We specialize in manufacturing marking tapes or signalling tapes. The marking tape is the quickest and cheapest way to define zones. Suitable for delimiting areas, signal dangers or prohibit the passage under construction accidents. This is the quickest and cheapest way to define zones, ensure security and provide advertising support.

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Cover fences MAPOL

Cover fences

The covers fences are the best choice of static advertising to companies that organize events or organizations that need to limit or enclose an area with fences. These plastic covers can be printed and are reusable. The covers fences is a very economical way to advertise that adapts to any type of fence.

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isothermal bags MAPOL

Isothermal bags

Thermal bags are excellent solutions for safely transporting cold, frozen, deep frozen and hot, uncut cold chain.

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Packe evento deportivo MAPOL

Sports event pack

In any sporting event where routes need to be marked, marker tapes and plastic fences are the perfect solution. We also offer the runner's bag with color printing.

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Bolsas biodegradables MAPOL

Plastic envelopes for ecommerce

Envelopes for e-commerce Personalized envelopes with your special logo for online stores.

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Bolsas zipper MAPOL

Zipper or zipper bags

The versatile solution to ziplock storage bags. These bags are very versatile and are used in many different contexts, both personal and industrial.

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The MAPOL plastic bags are environmentally friendly.
Plastic bags that do not pollute. 100% recyclable

mapol y el miedo ambiente

Plastic bags, despite an unfounded opinion that criticises their environmental characteristics, have an extremely attractive future that is highly respectful of the environment. In recent years, environmental concern has spread regarding the life cycle of plastic bags.

The main cause for worry lies in these bags’ final destination: it is believed that once the bags have fulfilled their mission as a temporary container, they become a highly contaminating agent. This is a completely erroneous notion. In addition to environmental impact being reduced to the minimum through appropriate consumer action, plastic bags constitute the start of a use cycle that can be unlimited, given their capacity for 100% recycling.

The main error when judging plastic bags is to consider them contaminants. Bags do not pollute, because they do not alter the environment at any time. While it is true they can be used poorly, the solution is to use them correctly and dispose of them, at the end of their useful life, in the recycling bin for plastics, where they become 100% recyclable waste. It is even less correct to argue that plastic bags speed up climate change.

Because they are unalterable, they do not give off heat or CO2 and consequently do not destroy the ozone layer. Plastic bags are manufactured to be fully recycled and returned, for low-cost reconversion into new plastic products with no wasteful or polluting elements.

The recycling process can be repeated as many times as necessary, endlessly. New plastics are always obtained for new uses (other bags, rubbish bags, tubing, etc.). Plastic bags are 100% RECYCLABLE.




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Experts manufacturers

Advertising cover fences

Customize advertise your company through a plastic cover fences, economically, easy and convenient to install on any type of fence limiting any event.

Barricade tape

The tape marking or signage is the fastest and most economical way to define zones, ensure security and provide advertising support to customize the tapes with the customer's logo.

Plastic envelopes

We have a wide catalog in plastic envelopes for courier.


Manufacturas Politeno S.L. (known under the trade name Mapol) is a family business that began its journey in May 1958. Therefore, we can say that we were one of the pioneers in manufacturing plastic packaging.

We have always striven to maintain four core values: efficiency, honesty, personalised attention and transparency in management.